• Is the program paid?

    Participation in the summit is totally free.

  • Is there an age limit or being student requirement for registration?

    Participants of all ages who are interested in the sector are accepted.

  • I am an entrepreneur, can I compete at the Take Off Startup Summit?

    Yes, you can apply on the “APPLY” button on the top right corner of the page.

  • What is the total prize given at the summit?

    A total of 300,000 dollars will be awarded.

  • Where will the summit take place?

    he preliminary rounds of Take Off will be held in Ankara and Izmir, while the final event will take place in Istanbul.

  • Is the summit open to everyone?

    Conferences, booths, and networking areas are open for everyone except 1-1 scheduled meetings.


  • How can I contact you?

    You can reach us through the [email protected] email address.

  • Are there any country restrictions?

    Entrepreneurs from any country can apply to the Take Off Startup Summit.

  • What is Pre-Take Off and who can apply?

    Pre-Take Off is the pre-selection event for local startups that have applied for Take Off. Pre-Take Off will take place in conjunction with TEKNOFEST Space and Aviation Festival in Ankara and Izmir. Winners of each category in the pre-selection will receive a total of 2,250,000 Turkish Lira in prizes.

  • What stage of startups can participate in the Take Off competition?

    Startups fitting the categories defined in the application guide for Seed Stage, Early Stage, and Growth Stage can apply.

  • What are the vertical areas that startups can apply for in the Take Off competition?

    Technology-focused startups can apply.

  • What is the pitching language for startups during the competition?

    The pitching language for Pre-Take Off is Turkish. For the Early Stage and Growth Stage startup competition in Take Off Istanbul, the pitching language is English.


  • What is the deadline for registering visitors?

    Visitor registrations will be announced.

  • What are the opportunities and rewards provided to startups in the competitions?

    ● Networking with Local and International Mentors

    ● Opportunity to Present Product/Service in Booth Area

    ● Meeting with Investors

    ● Collaboration Meetings with Organizations

    ● Opportunity to Win Prizes

  • Is the intellectual property of the startups claimed by the competition?

     Intellectual Property rights are not claimed.

  • What is the minimum team size for the competition?

    Teams must consist of at least two people.

  • Can I apply to the competition with two different projects as the same team?

    A team can only apply with one startup.

  • Can I participate in the competition with two different startups?

    An individual can only apply through one startup.

  • How can I apply for the competition?

    You can apply through the following link: t3kys.com/tr/takeOff/program/list/